Gear up small businesses, the holidays are here and it’s time to capitalize on the biggest shopping time of the year.

What is small business Saturday?

Small business Saturday is a time to promote shopping at your local community businesses. This event occurs between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Participation may be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee at a local mom and pop shop, buying art and clothing from local creators, or joining in a Pilates or kickboxing class at the local gym.

Small business Saturday is a trademark of the American Express company. It started in 2010 as a marketing initiative to support small brick and mortar companies to help them compete against big box stores. Nowadays through American Express you can gain exposure year-round with little to no cost. Click the link for more information. Shop Small with American Express | Support Small Business


Small Business Saturday Kick-Off Ideas:

This year’s small business Saturday event starts November 25, 2023. Prepare and promote now to get a jump on the competition by posting on your social media sites. Create posters and signage for your store. Send mailers or hand out leaflets to announce your participation.

A few ideas for the Saturday event might include:

  • Offer discounts for same day appointments.
  • Offer a buy-one-get one free for drinks or treats while shopping with a friend at your store.
  • Create a gift promotion with purchase. This can include free food, merchandise, or services.
  • Promote your store now by offering special discounts or giveaways for signing up to your Meta (Facebook), TikTok, Instagram business page or website. This can also help you track and retain customers throughout the year and bring them back in for additional sales later.
  • Run a limited time offer that coincides with the Small Business Saturday promotion to inspire impulse shoppers looking for local deals.
  • Be the host of a special event or promotion in your store. This could be a seminar with advice like a do-it-yourself furniture restoration class with the super-duper miracle wonder-wand wood scrubbers you sell. Maybe a cookie baking class because everyone loves holiday cookies.


Double the interest in your Saturday event by recruiting other nearby businesses:  

Whoever said you shouldn’t have too many chefs stirring the pot never cooked for the community in a giant caldron. So don’t just do something small and individual; stand there, shoulder to shoulder with fellow businesses that are willing to help promote and make the event successful.

  • Team up with a massage therapist and promote a discount neck massage or foot rub in your store.
  • Bring a small crew from a nail salon and set up a booth for the support shopper friend who truly needs a manicure before their company party.
  • Join with a dentist or hygienist and advertise professional teeth whitening with free tooth floss giveaways.
  • Divide the cost of an online promotion or paid advertising for all the businesses on your block or in the vicinity. Be sure to include local landscapers or the handyman who fixes all your cricks and cracks that might not have a brick-and-mortar store but are a part of your community.


It is important to remember what Small Business Saturday is about:

Building your community to improve sales, traffic, and exposure to your small business.

  • The charm of local shopping.

Small business Saturday is a time to show what unique products and services are available in your area that are not found at big corporate stores.

  • A time to shine.

A small business offers more than products and services. Local companies offer a one-on-one experience that is rarely found at a big box store. This charm is what keeps customers coming back.

  • Support the community.

Keeping money and resources local improves the area and helps it thrive.

  • Expert experience.

Small business owners are professionals at what they do. By shopping at a small local business, customers have a better chance of having an experience that is tailored to their needs.


For additional information on Small Business Saturday and how to capitalize on this event, please contact us at the Trinity Valley Small Business Development Center – SBDC – TVCC – Serving Henderson, Anderson, Van Zandt, Rains, and Kaufman Counties.