… to grow small business.

NTSBDC mission: To accelerate the economy by helping entrepreneurs grow a sustainable business.

TVCC mission: Transforming lives thru affordable and accessible education.

Trinity Valley SBDC, a field center of NTSBDC, and program of TVCC, serves the five county area of Trinity Valley Community College. Our mission is to help, start, and grow businesses in:  Anderson, Henderson, Kaufman, Rains, and Van Zandt county.  TVCC Campuses are in Athens, Terrell, Kaufman, and Palestine.

Trinity Valley 5 county area

Trinity Valley SBDC (TVCC SBDC) meets clients in Athens, Kaufman, and Palestine by appointment.

Business Plans

Market Research


A Word From Our Clients

Stan H.

"This business would not have started so smoothly had it not been for SBDC expertise. The handbooks, check off list helped start in orderly method."

Shannon P.

"Getting on google and online directories has been a big help as customers comment that’s how they found them!"

T. Y.

"We could not have got the business plan together, written, and in a format to convey to sources if it hadn’t been for the SBDC. "

Kevin S.

"I am in awe of your ability to simply pick up a subject and “make it your own” in such a short period of time."

SBDC Impact on local businesses include a number of organizations we consult with to build the Texas economy. Trinity Valley SBDC recently helped a local veteran get his business started. Watch the video bellow to view the full story of how Trinity Valley SBDC made a difference for this new business owner.