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Market ResearchHave you conducted a feasibility analysis?


Do you need a competitor analysis/market research?


TVCC SBDC subscribes to various databases to assist you in having relevant Market Research to understand the industry stage in the market, as well as they key indicators which affect your business. We will assist in providing a SWOT analysis, competitor list, business/consumer demographics, and financial ratios.

Some of our resources include:

IBIS World – Industry Market Reports, Financial Ratios, Trends. This is a subscription data Paris SBDC provides clients.

Gale Demographics – Geography, thematic maps, consumer spending, traffic counts.

Government Reference Database – competitor information, heat maps.. sorry can’t give you a link to this as it is subscription based for Paris SBDC, but our office can get data per client request.

BizMiner – financial ratio per industry code

SBDCNet – provides industry snapshots, business plans, market research as well as additional data to SBDC. Individuals may use information on their website. SBDC Advisors can pull more detailed, custom information for you such as: marketing/advertising packages; GIS competitor analysis; financial ratio’s; as well as additional customized research for starting, growing, or evaluating your business.

SBDCNet provides market research services to the entire 1,000+ member SBDC Network of Small Business Development Centers located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition to supporting small business entrepreneurs, SBDCNet now offers an array of products and services to support small to mid-size community development.

In partnership with your local SBDC, SBDCNet can produce a broad range of financial, market and demographic research reports customized to your specific business and geographic location.

These reports are provided free of charge to prospective or existing small business owners who are receiving business advising services from their local SBDC Advisor (also a free service).

These no-cost research and advisory services are funded in part by cooperative agreements between the U.S. Small Business Administration, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and a network of local educational and business institutions who act as host partners for your SBDC. Please note that some training classes may be offered for a fee, please check with your local SBDC for details.

SBDC Net Market Research Services List, (any report in the list below must be ordered by an SBDC Advisor):

  • Business Licenses/Permits/Regulations  – Resources/Links for local, state and federal licenses, permits and regulations as may apply.
  • Business Plan Sample – Sample/model business plan for opening and operating a business.
  • Business Valuation – For SBDC clients interested in buying or selling a business. Provides data useful in assessing business value from authoritative sources. Includes valuation formulas, financial benchmarks, reports and rules of thumb.
  • Competitor List – List and/or sources of competitors in a specified location.
  • Copyright, Patent and Trademark Information – Each term defined along with information on the filing fees, inventor assistance and contacts. Preliminary patent search available. Not all processes will be appropriate for all businesses. If you know which your client needs, please indicate in the “About the business section”.
  • Customer Profile – Description of the “Best Customer” for a product or service.
  • Demographics – Population breakdowns for the specified location.
  • Financial Ratios – Financial benchmarks from authoritative sources.
  • Franchisee – One who purchases a franchise and operates that location of the purchased business. Information and responsibilities related to franchisee purchase, terms of agreement, fees, etc.
  • Franchisor – The franchisor owns the overarching company, trademarks, and products, but gives the right to the franchisee to run the franchise location, in return for an agreed-upon fee. Information and responsibilities related to the franchisor, terms or agreement, fees, etc.
  • GIS Report: Drive Time Analysis (Maps & Spreadsheets) – Defaults to 5, 10, 15 minute drive times where drive time refers to the time it takes to drive from one location to the target business. Study includes Competitor Mapping, Annual Consumer Expenditures, Demographics, Psychographics and Thematic Maps. Requires a street address or intersection. Specific minutes can be requested. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).
  • GIS Report: Ring Study Analysis (Maps & Spreadsheets) – Defaults to a 1, 3, 5 mile radius. Study includes Competitor Mapping, Annual Consumer Expenditures, Demographics, Psychographics and Thematic Maps. Requires a street address or intersection. Specific mileage can be requested. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).
  • GIS Report: Geography Comparison (Maps & Spreadsheets) – This analysis is used to compare the market characteristics of a series of zip codes. Study includes Annual Consumer Expenditures, Demographics, Psychographics and Thematic Maps. Requires specific zip codes. Competitor Mapping included upon request. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).
  • GIS Report : Traffic Counts – Provides graphical representation of traffic count data collected and reported (where available) by state and municipal governments for selected areas. Requires specific intersection. Data not available for all areas. Format of report may vary by source.
  • GIS Report : Retail Opportunity Gap – Provides retail supply and demand figures as well as an opportunity gap analysis for a specified geography. This study defaults to the given zip code unless an alternative geography is requested. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).
  • Government Contracting/Procurement – Useful resources, links and guidance tools for doing business with the government. Includes technical aspects, such as vendor registration, as well as state and local entities if applicable.
  • Industry Overview and Trends – In-depth information and data from authoritative sources reflecting industry conditions and the latest trends.
  • Invention – Resources for inventors and information on prototypes.
  • Market Statistics – A breakdown of markets by industry to show size, standards and sales figures.
  • Marketing & Advertising Resources – Resources and articles for promoting SBDC client’s business. Examples of information may include marketing strategies, methods for calculating advertising ROI or the use of social media to generate consumer awareness.
  • New Product – Resources and articles on how to bring your product/service to market.
  • Psychographic Data – Lifestyle and interests for specific consumer segments. Not available for Business to Business (B2B) enterprises.
  • Publications List – List of relevant journals, periodicals, etc.
  • Startup Costs – Related to establishing a new business.
  • Suppliers / Distributors / Wholesalers – List and/or sources of wholesalers, vendors or manufacturers.
  • Trade Association List – List of relevant associations and organizations.
  • Trade Shows List – List and/or sources of trade shows of interest.

Any report in the SBDCNET list above must be ordered from your local Small Business Development Center Business Advisor. Additional market research and business development resources can be found in our Small Business SnapshotsMarket Research LinksHelp Topics and Cybersecurity resource sections.

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