Most everyone associates the fourth quarter as “do or die”for a successful retailing year. To put it more positively, the sales increases of the fourth quarter gives the store owner the opportunity to make the year a success.

Not all retailers peak in the fourth quarter.  Many obtain highest sales in any of the other three quarters.  Let’s stick with October through December for our focus.

Retailing experts often say that for ‘brick and mortar’ stores the experience in the store makes it worthwhile to shop in person instead of online or at a competitor. Let me suggest one other issue—enthusiasm. It’s so important to stay upbeat and create new ideas for promotions (not sales) plus positive experiences.

Can you think of an example of a store that provides a great shopping experience? Share and why?

If you are associated with a retailer, can you give an example of one of your best practices that provides a positive experience?’

Or, what do you wish you could find in a retail store experience? (For me, I would shop regularly at a store with a resident cocker spaniel.)

Mike Ellsberry