Begin with a feasibility study that answers these three questions:

-What am I going to do?
-What will it take in money and skills to do it?
-What will it give me in terms of money and satisfaction?

Get business advising from a Small Business Development Center or some other organization that regularly deals with business startups. Set out to learn all you can about your new business BEFORE you make the decision to start it. Learn about the market, your target customers, the competition, pricing practices, typical profit margins, sources of supply, and anything else that will help you fully understand the nature of your new business.

If you can talk to business owners in similar businesses or work as an employee for a time in such a business, do so. Talk to suppliers who sell to your type business. Read trade publications and magazines dealing with your chosen business. Attend seminars that deal with subjects important to your business. If there are franchises doing what you plan to do, study them. Request information about them and talk to franchise owners.

When you have finished your research and feel comfortable that you are doing the right thing, prepare a business plan to outline in detail the start up of your new business. Gather together the money you need and get the equipment, people, and other things you need to start. When all this is in place, start. BUT NOT BEFORE!