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Good marketing is critical to the success of your business. Marketing has many dimensions, including market research, customer service, advertising, targeting, packaging, pricing, e-marketing, and others. Investing in a good marketing plan will generate excellent return.

  • Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Free Marketing
  • Know Your Market
    Basic ideas of marketing, including strategy, research, and target marketing.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Knowing your competition will help improve your business.
  • Target Marketing
    Appealing to a small group of consumers can mean success for your business.
    Like a business plan, a marketing plan is an essential guide.High-Impact Marketing Programs That You Can Implement By Next Thursday
    Highly effective ways to improve your business’ marketing program.
  • Tradeshow Marketing
    Face-to-face customer contact is often one of the best ways to market your services or products.
  • eMarketing
    The online marketplace is busier and stronger than ever.
  • Marketing FAQs
    Answers to frequent questions about marketing.
  • International Sales
    The international market is an excellent business opportunity.
  • Customer Service
    Customer service is an essential skill for a business of any size and type.


  • And Public Relations
    The separate characteristics of advertising and public relations.
  • Advertising Primer
    Make your advertisements effective and appealing to consumers.
  • How To Improve Your Yellow Pages Advertising
    Get the most out of your Yellow Pages ad.
  • Advertising And Public Relations Guidelines In All Forms Of Media
    The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) rules and regulations of advertising and public relations in all media forms.
  • Online Advertising Regulations
    The FTC’s guide to online advertising.
  • Online Advertising
    The U.S. Department of Commerce’s guide to online advertising.


  • Written vs. Implied Warranties
    Link to the different types of warranties and how they affect customers.
  • How To Write A Warranty
    Link to a guide on writing a warranty.
  • eCommerce FAQs
    Answers to questions commonly asked regarding eCommerce.